Who Now?


I didn’t plan to talk about pro football for three of my past four blog entries, but sometimes current events change the best laid plans.

Late last night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put out a press release to announce that Lovie Smith had been fired despite their record improving from 2-14 in 2014 to 6-10 this season. The search may or may not be on to find the 11th head coach of the franchise as we speak.

I say “may not” because the move to fire Lovie wouldn’t make sense otherwise. While there is something called a “Rooney Rule” where at least one minority applicant must be interviewed, I suspect the Bucs already have their man.

If I have to guess who’ll be the new head coach of the Bucs would be at this point, that’d be tricky, as they’ve recently tried all the roads that “lead to Rome.” They tried an established assistant in Raheem Morris, which didn’t work. They tried a big name college coach in Greg Schiano, which also didn’t work. Then they tried a big name former pro coach recently in Lovie, which Bucs management has now also declared a failure by letting him go.

My thinking is that Dirk Koetter will be the new head coach, as he was both an established assistant in college and a pro football, and a former head coach in college football at Boise State and Arizona State. But the timing of the firing of Lovie Smith suggests this may not be the answer. It very well could be a bigger name.


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