Eight With Eight Zeroes


Powerball mania has again gripped the country, with at least $800-million (that’s $800,000,000) on the line in the drawing later tonight. It’s not impossible the prize could be higher by the time the draw takes place, most definitely if somebody doesn’t win. Should that somehow happen, the prize would mount to over a billion dollars easy.

What would I do if I won, or someone I knew won? Good question.

I see so many sad stories out there of people winning these huge, monstrous jackpots, then something unfortunate happens to them, such as blowing through all of their money, or getting fleeced by newly found so-called friends. That wouldn’t be the pattern or the lifestyle I would want to follow.

What I would want is to help friends and family who need help, obviously. Then I’d want a new car, a condo in Tierra Verde (a fancy community in southwest St. Petersburg with plenty of beaches), and probably Rays, Buccaneers, and Lightning season tickets, giving unused tickets to friends and family if there are multiple local games simultaneously.

I’d do what I could to keep the Rays in St. Petersburg and/or in Pinellas County. I don’t think the city of Tampa should have all the local teams, so that would be the sports/political cause I would champion.

That would be about it. I’d put what I don’t need in a good bank and live off of the interest.

Good luck, everybody. Hope one (or more) of my readers gets the luck of a lifetime tonight.



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