State Of The Union

I have yet to see reaction to President Obama’s speech from last night, but I don’t think I’m too far off to say that probably half of the country loved it, and half of the country hated it.

In an era where politicians are afraid to go out there and tell it like it is without focus groups at the risk of losing poll points, our President did exactly that this one evening. It was his last State Of The Union address, so true, he didn’t have a great deal to lose, either.

The problem with politics these days? It’s simple, maybe too simple. We have people elected to be leaders who are, in fact, followers. Followers of the money that special interests and lobbyists throw out there. When you have politicians listening to the chosen few with money and not the many who do not, this is what we get: a political process that has gotten stale and stagnant.

The people want change. We just have politicians that are tone deaf and can’t hear the message and won’t get out of the way. That’s why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing so well right now. Let’s see if they are still there when the marathon primary process is all done with and the conventions anoint their electoral candidates.

It’s going to be an interesting next few months, politically. I hope that the people are allowed to pick who they want without any tampering.


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