The Amazing Alex


Nope, not Alex. Just a file photo I grabbed of a hurricane.

Something is happening in the Atlantic Ocean that hasn’t happened since 1938: a hurricane in January. This one is named Alex, and become a named storm yesterday, the 13th of January.

That’s five months and 18 days before the season begins.

Looks like the storm will hit the Azores, well west of Portugal. Believe it or not (as I type this), the storm is actually gaining strength, with a few experts and junkies hanging out at the Dr. Jeff Masters blog predicting it will reach Category 2 status, which would be winds of 96 to 110 miles per hour.

Very rare to see such a storm in January in any place in the Northern hemisphere, let alone the Atlantic Ocean. Got to take a moment and marvel at this wonder, and hope all those in its path stay safe and, as we say here, hunker down.


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