Hillary Feels The Bern


This Dave Granlund cartoon says it best…

Bill Moyers is suggesting that some recent jabbing by Chelsea Clinton at the Bernie Sanders campaign may cost her the Democratic nomination yet again.

The irony of that did not escape me.

Many believed that her 2008 campaign against Barack Obama, was often sabotaged and undermined by her husband Bill Clinton, himself a former resident of the White House. Now it’s daughter Chelsea who can’t apparently stay on the same page and is going rogue.

This is why I’m pushing Bernie Sanders. As Irish leader Michael Collins famous said once, “Give us the future, we’ve had enough of your past.” I think Mr. Sanders has some good ideas about investing in the future of our own country that will save money as opposed to the politicians who see the finances of the government as their rubber stamp.


What gets my attention is that he wants to end what he calls “regressive” health care and go to a leaner system that would save $17,000,000,000,000. That’s rather ambitious. Over the next ten years, his proposals would save $18,800,000,000,000, which would eliminate a huge chunk of the federal deficit that has been accumulating since the Clinton Administration got the budget balanced.

So yes, I’m on the Bernie bandwagon, have been for a while. Hope he does well.


  1. The GOP convention might be brokered. I think they will do whatever to keep Trump from the nomination. I think Bernie will give Hillary all she can handle but Hillary will end up with the nomination.


  2. I think it’s already been mentioned, the possibility of a brokered convention. Don’t care for Trump, but if gets the most votes and doesn’t get the most delegates or doesn’t win the nomination, then it’s a flawed, undemocratic system, which damages the GOP as a party going forward.


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