Say Two Hail Marys


Aaron Rodgers back in 2013…

An “instant classic” was played Saturday night as the Arizona Cardinals beat the Green Bay Packers 26-20 in overtime in an NFC divisional playoff, which a fancy way of calling it a Super Bowl tournament quarterfinal.

Most quarterbacks are lucky to get a chance to throw one successful Hail Mary in their career. Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers threw two within a minute, and counting the game-winning pass against Detroit a few weeks prior, three in one season. His desperation throw on the last play of regulation time that forced the tie with Arizona may be one of the better throws ever seen in the NFL, and that covers scores of passes in league history that dates back to 1921.

While the Packers were not successful in winning the game, imagine how their season would have gone without the clutch skills of Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. Hopefully, the vast ownership of the Packers is mindful of this the next time his contract needs extending.


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