There’s a big time water crisis unfolding in Flint, Michigan, as some of you may know. Their tap water, which was clean when it came from Lake Huron up until April of 2014, has recently been found highly corrosive emanating from the Flint River (due to Michigan’s rather bad financial state), leading President Obama to (somewhat quietly) declare a state of emergency, supplementing similar declarations from the mayor of Flint and the state of Michigan.

In the televised (and suspiciously shortened) debate among Democratic candidates Sunday night, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spoke about the emerging crisis, saying the American people should be outraged. Reading about this the past two days, I suppose the reaction in my brain is the reaction that many would expect: outrage.

Many are calling for the resignation of Michigan’s Republican governor Rick Synder, though he is not under any legal or binding obligation to do so. That may change if a legal investigation gets going, and at this point, how does that not happen?

In my book, endangering the lives of residents just to save some money from something healthy to something toxic is unconscionable. Who would have thought that bureaucratic genocide is something that would be practiced here in one of the fifty states of the United States of America?

Mr. Synder, I hope God has mercy on your soul, because the people of Flint will likely show you none.


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