Avoidance Course


Last week, I started getting calls from the Zwicker Collection Agency for some reason, but just as quickly as I was besieged with their calls, the calls suddenly stopped. I knew of their reputation even before they called of being rather notorious collectors who don’t listen to reason, so I didn’t pick up when they came calling.

I haven’t had any debts in several years, so I think I know what their problem was: a case of mistaken identity.

About a year ago, I got a series of messages from some company in Las Vegas saying that I had once lived in the British Columbia province of Canada and owned a condominium in Kissimmee, Florida. Only one small problem: I’ve never lived in Canada nor owned a condo south of Orlando. Someone with the same name as I have did, which is quite a feat because my name is pretty rare. My name has a middle initial in it that I use, the other person’s name does not, so they think I’m him.

In such an instance, I think the onus is on the companies collecting said debt to prove that I’m the person in question, which in this case I’m not. I shouldn’t have to clear my name when I’m not the guilty party, so that’s how I played it. Had I spent time explaining this to the Zwicker people, they’d be asking me how much money I had on my wallet on December 4, 1995.

Why make life so complicated?


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