A recent New York Daily News graphic explaining the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on various issues.

After watching The X-Files on FOX again last night, I waited a bit online to search for what was billed as a Democratic Town Hall on CNN. By the words “Town Hall,” I thought that this was another debate between the candidates for President: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and dark horse Martin O’Malley, and that they would field questions from the Iowa audience as part of the debate format.

When I found the debate footage on YouTube, I lost interest a few minutes into it. This was not a debate, but a series of interviews of the candidates on a live stage with questions thrown in by the audience to one candidate at a time.

While CNN advertising didn’t necessarily say that this would be a debate, there is (in my opinion) one small problem with all of this: CNN didn’t say there wasn’t going to be a debate, either. By saying that this was a town hall, they left the door open to deception.

Another mystery abound in the mysterious 2016 Democratic Presidential campaign, which has had a few leading up to now. More and more it seems a contest with a predetermined outcome (Hillary Clinton winning) than a contest based on fairness and giving each candidate a chance to succeed on his or her own merits. Why protect her now when she won’t get such protection in the fall against a Republican candidate?


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