Who’s Afraid Of Megyn Kelly?


In a move that is utterly genius or utterly stupid, Donald Trump is boycotting a Fox News debate being held in Iowa tomorrow. (Yes folks, the word “debate” is being used, so Fox can’t weasel out of it like CNN did earlier this week.)

It appears that Donald has an aversion for any debate co-moderated by FNC anchor Megyn Kelly, the 45 year-old native of Syracuse who has risen up the cable news channel’s food chain faster than you can say Shepard Smith. After Kelly asked some pointed questions about how he views women back in August, these two have been feuding.

As for me, I’ve always been a believer that some moves are so bad that they might wind up being good, just as if you travel far enough west you wind up east of where you started. But what can I say? Fox News should reserve the right to use the moderators they want, and if Trump doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to attend and/or participate if not somehow bound by the Republican Party to do so.

Likewise, anyone who’s eligible to vote doesn’t have to vote for Mr. Trump, either in the Republican primaries or in November should he make it that far. The last time I looked, it’s still a free country.

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