West By Southwest

Due to some rain on Thursday, I didn’t visit my Dad’s grave and the old southwest Largo neighborhood I grew up in until yesterday. I do this visit every year, but did it on a weekday to honor the quarter-century mark of his passing.

On the way to grab some Chinese food at my favorite place, Zom Hee, off of Park and Starkey in Seminole, I went east on Ulmerton Road, which is the big east-west thoroughfare in central Pinellas County, then went south on Starkey into Seminole. I couldn’t get over how much everything on Ulmerton seemed to be bigger, plus most of the traffic signal alignments had changed.

At 3pm on a sunny Friday, even the expanded six-lane (three in each direction) road was clogged heading east, as were a few other words in a non rush-hour environment. Could it have been our friends up in Canada who pay us Floridians a visit each year adding to the congestion? Surely it couldn’t have just been the ongoing construction efforts.

By the way, why are they doing construction on Ulmerton in the middle of the so called Snowbird Season? Seems to me that you’d want to fix the road at points during the year where the roads are a little less traveled. Just a thought.


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