More Shuffling To Do

CBS Sports, with the help of Strat-O-Matic Football, conducted a mythical tournament among the 49 previous Super Bowl champions to determine which team in the Super Bowl Era was the best ever. In the final, it was the 1985 Chicago Bears that were crowned the best of all-time, knocking off the 1996 Green Bay Packers 17-10.

Can’t say I’d argue with that assessment. They had the best defense over a single season I have ever seen, and had the ability to shut down almost any team they played. The only team they couldn’t shut down that year was Miami, who handed them their only loss that season 38-24 on a Monday Night game. Had the Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, there would have been a Bears-Dolphins rematch at the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Had that happened, history would have looked back on the Bears a bit more differently, one way or the other. But a great team, none the less.



      1. Agreed on both fronts, though I think football is the toughest sport to determine who’s better among teams that span the eras. For example, the average weight of the offensive lines in the 70’s was around 250, now it’s close to 300. Plus QB ratings are a lot higher on average now as opposed to other decades, mainly because they’re trained to throw the short passes better, using them to complement the running game more.

  1. […] As I said earlier this year, I consider the 1985 Chicago Bears the best NFL team over a single season I have ever seen. They had decent talent offensively, but considerable talent on the defensive side of the ball. I don’t think you’ll ever see another team like those ’85 Bears in the modern era which stresses competitive balance via the salary cap rules. […]


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