Addictive Behavior


It took me a little over a month to get through the seven seasons of Nurse Jackie on Netflix. (Each episode ran about 25 minutes minus recaps and opening, so it wasn’t all that hard.) Funny how the last two shows Edie Falco had a starring role each had ambiguous endings, isn’t it?

It got me thinking about the power of addiction, something I haven’t really spent a lot of time in my life thinking about.

I have known people in my life who were alcoholics and drug users. It doesn’t make these people bad per se, I just think that you have a government and a country that wants people medicated, for whatever reason, conspiratorial or otherwise. The main motivation being financial, I guess. Explains why we have a “Big Pharma” and a “Big Alcohol” lobby up in D.C. that owns the politicians along with other lobbies usually sporting the word “Big” behind whatever cause they choose to bastardize.

To be honest, I sometimes take sleeping pills in the wintertime when the weather is “cold” here, especially on the nights and mornings when it’s too cold to turn a fan on, and too warm to turn on the heat. While I wake up in a bit of a fog in the morning when I do this, it also makes me think a bit cleaner (or so I think) and knocks down that “filter” in my head that prevents me from saying or doing mainly the wrong things.

In another Sopranos parallel, I was reading that a nurses association in New York was critical of how the Jackie Peyton character was a drug user. That reminded me of the whole hullabaloo over how Italian-Americans criticized the HBO mafia show about a mob boss with panic attacks. Just as it is ridiculous to think there are not Italian-Americans who are in organized crime, it is equally ridiculous to think there aren’t nurses out there that may smoke a little pot or snort some cocaine from time to time.

It was a good show, though. Anything Edie Falco is involved in usually is.


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