Contrast Comparision

I found a little gadget that works well for those of you my age who’s eyesight is dimming if you use Chrome or Chromium. I just made the switch to Chromium last week, which is more or less Chrome’s bigger and somewhat better brother if you have a 64-bit computer.

The extension is called High Contrast, and gives you several settings so that you can see the screen a bit better. My favorite is the Increased Contrast setting, which personally works wonders for me when I type these blog entries up. The one program’s drawback is that if you scroll a little too far, you may scroll all the way to China (just kidding), but it’s an extension that does a lot of good for so little harm.

My problem is that one of my eyes has perfect vision still, but the other does not. If I put my hand over my good eye, everything seen out of the bad one goes very blurry. I’ve had this problem for the past two and a half years or so (first blogging about in on July 17, 2013), and I’m told that this was the time of life my Dad’s vision started waning and that this is hereditary more than anything else.

It’s kind of technology’s way of making you feel young as you get old, I suppose.


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