Primary Colors


Today is primary day in New Hampshire, so another piece of the Presidential puzzle will be known tonight. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are expected to be the Republican and Democratic victors once the votes have been counted. Everyone in the media said Trump was going to win a week ago, but Ted Cruz won on the GOP side in Iowa.

The thing about New Hampshire’s primary that I like is that if you’re an Independent voter (as I am), you can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary if you so choose. Where I am in Florida, that law is not in place here when the primaries take place March 15th, so I will only be voting on the Pinellas Park mayoral race, maybe a local referendum question or two will crop up.

I could see why you wouldn’t want GOP voters voting in Democratic primaries and vice versa, but this is one way the Independent voter gets screwed among many. When’s the last time you saw an Independent candidate being allowed to speak at a debate at the national level not named Ross Perot? It’s like the system wants to penalize you for being a free thinker, as if that makes you some sort of dangerous predicate felon or something.


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