My Writing Tick

Every now and then, I will get a “writing tick” that will show up on my blog.

Take last Thursday, for instance. On some social media places for a few hours, I promoted one of my blog entries by saying “I watching Making A Murderer” as opposed to saying “I watched Making A Murderer.”

Yes, I found this a bit embarrassing. Here I am, trying to be a somewhat professional blogger, and I can’t stop myself from making errors like a Little League shortstop.

I have been streamlining my blogging process, though.In the interests of being open and honest, I should tell you that the entry that you see on a given day I usually work on a day or two in advance. That way, I can double check on any errors I might make and find a way to correct them, plus it gives me time to figure out where my errors are being made and find ways to work around them.

It isn’t wise to rest on your laurels doing these blog entries. Always finding the way to make things better is the best path for me to be a better blogger. Your path my vary.


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