The Lack Of Choice For Our Choice


I spent most of Saturday watching election returns from the Democratic caucuses in Nevada, and the Republican primaries in South Carolina.

It’s starting to look like Donald Trump will face Hillary Clinton in November, barring anything unforeseen. Even though Hillary has won two of the three primaries by small margins while Bernie Sanders won big in New Hampshire, she has a big advantage amongst the “superdelegate” insiders that are there to prevent whippersnappers like Bernie from winning. The big power brokers don’t want activists getting the nomination much like George McGovern did in 1972. With a big lead in total delegates, Hil can afford to play the “50-50 game” with Bernie all the way to the convention floor in Philly, keeping pressure on Sanders to not just win but win big the whole way.

Donald Trump continues to boss around the GOP primaries much like Howard Stern took over morning FM radio in the 1990’s. His win in South Carolina, the place were Republican kings are made, gives him prominence whether we like it or not. The only thing that hurts him is that Jeb Bush, one of his favorite debate whipping boys, dropped out Saturday. Can Donald beat Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz if the race dwindles down to three? We’ll have to see about that.

All I know is this: if it the Presidential finale in November is indeed Hillary versus the Donald, it’d be a great time for a third party candidate to get in the race. Michael Bloomberg, I’m looking right at you.



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