How Do They Know That?


A very recent and somewhat blurry shot of my cat Harry, February 22nd, 2016. Had to get it quick while I still had his attention before he caught on I was taking a photo of him.

Like many of you, I get a lot of stuff in my E-mail. Some of you call it crap, spam, s***, you get the idea.

A recent series of E-mail advertisements I got from Walmart got my attention, though. They’ve been advertising their deals on various types of cat food frequently the past few months.

My full name (Paul Joseph Blom, Jr.) is not a frequently seen one (like Mike Smith or Don Jones, etc.), so I can understand how it is that they can figure out the connection between myself the Walmart customer and my E-mail identity.

But knowing that I get cat litter, cat food, and the occasional bag of cat treats? Well, I suppose they can take that connection and make other hypothesis that I might be interesting in saving money by making sure I get the latest and greatest cat food out there.

But it sure is a bit spooky that the companies you do business with know so much about you and can make these sort of connections, isn’t it?


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