The Office


My latest Netflix pleasure has been watching our (U.S.) version of The Office. The original version of the comedy, set in the United Kingdom, is also on the streaming service.

I’ve been watching this on Netflix since late 2014, and really didn’t get hooked on it until recently. I thought the first two seasons were a bit slow and monotonous, but once you get into season three and beyond, you’re rewarded with a lot more character plots and transitions.

The great thing about the show is that the characters are the type of people you’d probably meet if you worked at the office near you. The secretary played by Jenna Fischer looking for a hook-up with a single employee that lasts forever and proves to be the foundation of a family? Yep, seen that in my life before. (The ones I’ve run into in my life seem to look for more short-term relationships on most occasions.) The oddball played by Rainn Wilson? I’ve run into a few of those. (That’s provided they don’t have an odd weekend or two that leaves them in a mental institution or incapacitated in a puddle of bodily fluids.)

Nope, haven’t had any bosses as dorky as Steve Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott, but give that time.


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