Trump Against The World


The Chinese had a proverb accredited to themselves which they actually never exactly said: may you live in interesting times. The GOP race to find a presidential nominee has been most interesting, clearly standing out from every election year in my lifetime already.

A well-known businessman, Donald Trump, has successfully infiltrated the Republican party and has the leadership of the GOP collectively more nervous than whores in a church. He is way ahead in the polls and the delegate count, and is leading in all of the “Super Tuesday” primaries on March 1st with the exception of Texas, where he trails Ted Cruz as of this writing by an average of just over 7 points. (One poll out of the Longhorn State has Trump and Cruz in a dead heat, 32-32.)

It is increasingly clear with each day that in November it will be Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton squaring off to decide who will be the 45th US President. It is also increasingly clear that the GOP doesn’t want Trump to be their nominee, and that they view the mogul as a cancer to their cause while some in the leadership play the typical game of lip service, officially.

The GOP’s recent efforts to “frame” the Donald reek of desperation. They trotted out Mitt Romney, the most recent GOP presidential nominee from 2012, out to intimate that Trump has something to hide by not releasing recent tax returns. What people easily forget is that Romney himself had issues over taxes that prevented him from releasing his own tax returns until six weeks prior to the 2012 elections that Barack Obama won. When he pointed out that he’d been audited by the IRS every year for several years in the CNN debate Thursday night in Houston, Trump became a person Americans could sympathize with, if you could imagine that.

Even though I’m not a Republican and I’m a bit underwhelmed by Mr. Trump’s bluster and bravado, I’m in awe of what he’s been able to do to this point. If he wins the most primaries and caucuses and somehow is prevented to become the Presidential nominee, then that would be an injustice, regardless of who the injustice is visited upon.

In the general election, we may see Republicans flocking to Hillary, and Democrats and Independents flocking to Trump. Strange days, indeed.

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