Tuned Out By Tunein


I must admit that when I got an E-mail from the people at Tunein a couple of days ago, I began to salivate a little bit.

For those of you who don’t know, Tunein is the service that aggregates radio stations all over the world that broadcast online and has a majority of the broadcasting rights. Want to listen to a radio station in the middle of Switzerland? It’s there for you. It’s better than a owning a shortwave back in the day, plus their premium service offers the ability to listen to audiobooks, plus MLB and NFL games.

I also have Tunein on my IPhone 4 (with an IPhone upgrade on my present to-do list), and therein lies the rub: on some audio books where the chapters are less than 10 minutes, the last few seconds of each chapter tend to cut off if edited a certain way if I listen on the IPhone. Thus, when I saw Tunein giving this survey, it motivated me to give it a try.

One of the questions asked is if I’ve worked in the media in my career, or blog about the media. I answered honestly yes to both (because I was in radio from 1989-1996 and blog about CBS’s Big Brother once a month, but daily during their season), and was quickly forwarded to a page thanking me for my participation without asking me any further questions.

I was bummed that the survey process didn’t allow me to share their problem with them, so I contacted them by E-mail to see if it can be fixed. The consensus seemed to be that because my IPhone is older and uses an older IOS, that was causing the problems I was having with audiobooks in some cases.

But just because I was someone with a past in radio doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give them an unbiased opinion. All the companies I worked for are no longer around, with the exception of WTAN which remains a “mom and pop” timeshare station that anyone can buy an hour on.

Oh, well.



    1. I hear ya, Sarah. It sounds like a bigger problem to me than just what version IOS the IPhone has, or in your case how up to date the Android is. I tend to think when they chopped these audiobooks in chapters, they just didn’t do it right.


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