Green Pieces Of Paper

This is one of my favorite little yarns involving someone from the world of TV.

Soupy Sales, who was a well known TV personality for children’s shows in the 60’s, wasn’t beyond a few pranks every now and then. A bit pissed off about working on New Year’s Day evening on New York station WNEW on January 1, 1965, he told children to go into the wallets of their parents and send green pieces of paper that had men in beards on it to him at the TV station through the mail. In return, Soupy promised to send each kid a postcard from Puerto Rico.

Some kids sent Soupy Monopoly money, but $80,000 later, WNEW didn’t find the incident all that funny, suspending Soupy off the air for five days. Ah, the power of television in the old days.


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