Mitt’s Gambit


I’m not surprised that a Republican heavyweight took a serious jab at Donald Trump this past week. I’m a bit shocked that it turned out to be Mitt Romney, the man who got a major endorsement in 2012 from…Donald Trump.

There’s something very funny about Mitt condemning him other than their previous connection. It seemed to be a bit of a gambit by the conservative elite. The fact that Romney did it was obvious hypocrisy, and it also gives the elite and the media outlets an easy scapegoat to point to. I think they (the elite) viewed is as playing some sort of “gotcha” lottery. A win giving them the fortune of taking down Donald, a loss only costing them a small price for now.

Will Trump get the GOP nomination? Unless things change quickly, it sure looks that way. Can Trump become President? You better believe it. I think his momentum is so strong now that he could win as a third-party candidate if he so chooses, and if the Republican elite try any further shenanigans. I think this likely especially if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee.

As I type this, it’s nearly noon on Sunday, and the various cable networks have just come on to announce that former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died at 94, with TMZ breaking it first, oddly enough. News of her death reminds me that we’re a long ways away from the Ronald Reagan presidency of my childhood, and I always thought Mr. Reagan was a decent, honorable man. But it does warm my heart a little bit to know Nancy and Ronnie are together again this day.

You always have to find the silver linings in the grey clouds when you can.



  1. I heard a radio interview where Nancy seemed to hate when other Republicans would invoke President Reagan’s name in discussing what would Ronnie do in certain situations. She seemed to be the vanguard of his legacy even into death.


      1. I predict that some Republicans will vote for Hillary. They would rather dance with the devil they know than the devil that is a nut case.

      2. There’s talk that Trump will be able to get 20% of the Democratic vote. But I don’t doubt that some Republicans will cross over to Hil.

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