The Weather Index


I thought I’d introduce you to one of the ideas the swims in my head, kind of like the “Move Up Or Move Out” idea I have for term limits up on Capitol Hill.

I tend to think that there will be a day in the future where weather forecasting will be much more simplified, and instead of basing things off of the temperature, it will be based on a number from 0 (being terrible, life-threatening weather) to 10 (ideal conditions).

Living most of my life in Florida, I can tell you that temperatures can be deceiving, for one thing. If you don’t believe me, try being outside when it’s 60 in Florida, then 60 in Nevada. You might actually feel a tinge colder in Florida with the humidity.

That’s why I can see a “weather index” coming to be. The meteorologists can just say that the weather is 9, or adding a word to it (a warm 9 for example) to explain why the weather isn’t a 0 or a 10. Watches and warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms at whatnot would like still be around, maybe used with the “Weather Index” when needed.

(“Most of the day, the WZZZ Weather Index will at a 7, but drops to 4 with a passing cold front and when the Torcon rises past 5…”)

The Weather Channel already does this with cold fronts and tornadoes to an extent, so I’d think a Weather Index would be just a logical extension of that, and people seem to like simplification of things as society has gotten more connected.


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