The Meat Goes On

If she was supposed to break the Internet, how am I still able to blog?

Yes, Kim Kardashian (ahem, Kim Kardashian West) posted a selfie of herself again that has caught the eye of many, showing off that she’s dyed her hair platinum blonde, or was wearing a wig, I don’t know. She also appears not to be wearing a stitch of clothing, covering up her private areas with the usual array of black rectangular bars over the respective areas.

Maybe I’m an old fart ahead of my 44 years of age, but I don’t get the attraction. It’s not like if you wanna see Kimmy naked that it’s not out there to be seen. A good sized bust, a big rear end, hairless at the pubic area, I get why the modern heterosexual man would like that.

Funny that if you took a look at a naked model of the same gender from 1916, if such photography exists, there are or would be notable differences in a few places.

Do we, as men, put that sort of appearance pressure on women to be like other women put “on parade” for the world to see? If so, I’m not part of that crowd. I believe a woman should be a woman, and her looks are her looks.


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