Chaos In Chicago

I wonder if Donald Trump has ever heard of a California talk show host by the name of Wally George.


They do kind of look alike, no? Neither of them seem to care for so-called “troublemakers” among their midst.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the parallels:

I’ve been watching a lot of Trump rallies on YouTube live streams, because there you can see what transpires at these things unedited, unlike what you see on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Mr. Trump gives his now familiar spiel, and sooner or later, someone in the crowd yells “Trump, Trump, Trump” to alert the Donald that a protester is among them.

Donald usually pauses, and usually instructs the police and/or security to, in his words, “Get ’em out of here.” Earlier yesterday in St. Louis, in the video I posted above, he was heckled over and over again for several minutes, telling detractors to get a job and go home to Mommy.

As many of you are now aware of, there’s been some violence at these proceedings prior to last night’s fiasco, as evidenced at a recent Trump rally in North Carolina where a 78 year-old man sucker punched an African-American gentleman being escorted out for protesting.

A candidacy like Donald Trump’s should bring out the best in people, not the worst in people. It is shameful and disgusting. But much like the late Wally George, Trump seems to bring that type of criminal element out in people who want and lust confrontation. At least when Mr. George did it, it was mostly for show and for the most part harmless.

Then came the chaotic events in Chicago last night that I did not foresee when I began drafting this blog entry yesterday afternoon. While we may question the motivations of the protesters that were indirectly invited by Mr. Trump to attend these rallies merely for the purposes of being ejected for their 15 minutes of fame, the question is simple: where can Trump go from here? Does this happen again at his scheduled rallies today and tonight in Dayton, Cleveland, and Kansas City?

After the events of Chicago, Trump may gain more interest in his campaign, but the odds are that most of the people he gains will have his back for the wrong reasons, mixed among those who believe the candidate’s right to free speech have been invaded. Unless the New Yorker doubles back on his rhetoric, the events taking place last night will likely (but I most sincerely hope not) happen again, perhaps more violently, perhaps putting Mr. Trump himself in danger at some point in the future.

He has become a modern day George Wallace, and fate did not treat Mr. Wallace kindly when he was shot in 1972, essentially ending his Presidential campaign and any idea of becoming the leader of our country ever again.

Dangerous stuff, this is. It can’t end well, though I hope it will. I fear for what may come. We should NOT be killing each other over who our next President will be, and we may sadly get to that point.



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