Aircheck: WHBO, 12/6/1989

Time for another aircheck from the vault of local radio history. I thought we’d have a little fun while the nervousness and anxiety of the elections and that guy with the funny hair is upon us.

This radio find comes to us from the late fall of 1989 and 1040 AM on the radio dial, which was then WHBO in the Tampa Bay area. It’s also something you don’t see so often any more these days: an AM pop music station. A few still exist here and there across the country, but the good music stations now a days are either on your FM dial or the Internet.

Howard Hewes is the afternoon drive-time “Poobah of Doo Wah” here spinning hits from previous decades. I had the pleasure of working with him over at Sun Radio Network when he used the moniker of Joel Vincent when he tested the waters of talk radio back in the early 1990’s. Like many DJ’s who could tell a good story if he had a 10 seconds or if he had an hour, Joel was a natural in either format. Always treated me well in my radio travels.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you who I voted for in the Florida primaries, and who I would have voted for if I were a Democrat or a Republican.


One Comment

  1. I just talked to Joel “Howard Hewes” Busch for about an hour this afternoon on the phone. Did you know he moved back to St. Pete a couple of months ago after living in the Atlanta area for the past 20 something years? He’s still the same crazy guy he was at WHBO, and a great friend for a lot of years now. Like you said, he always treats you right and always fun to be around.


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