Primary Day

Today is primary day in the state of Florida, along with Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri. People will be voting from Chicago to Tampa, from Kankakee to Kannapolis.

(I always wanted to say Kankakee in one of my blog entries. Mission accomplished.)

In reality, I am an Independent voter here in Florida, not aligned to either the Democrats or the Republicans. I vote by mail, so I filled in my ballot several weeks ago, voting on a city referendum question and for Sandra Bradbury to be re-elected as mayor of Pinellas Park.

I have been a Republican and a Democrat in my lifetime as well, so I thought I’d share my insight as to who I would have voted for if I were in either of those parties.

By the process of elimination, I would have voted for John Kasich if I were a Republican. Donald Trump would have gotten my vote, but he hurls out those “verbal grenades” at minorities too frequently for me to trust him. If Ted Cruz were a beer, he’d be “Trump Lite” so I couldn’t vote for him along the same lines as I couldn’t vote for Trump. The Trump people (and Chris Christie before him) made good points as to why Marco Rubio shouldn’t be the nominee (mainly inexperience and a poor attendance record in the US Senate), so that left me with Kasich.

On the Democrat side, I like Bernie Sanders because his record as a legislator (and that of an Independent legislator as well) makes him stand out, as I think he’d reach out to the GOP and negotiate on the key issues. I think health care needs to be reformed (should have been a constitutional amendment to begin with, not some governmental mandate that can easily be challenged legally), and that the country should operate in the black, and not a sea of red ink as it does now. Hillary would not get my vote for the simple reason that she’s the wife of a former President impeached when he was in office, so I want the person in there with the best ethics possible.

Who would I vote for in the general? Too early to say. I should point out there is one scenario where I would “hold my nose” and vote for Donald Trump. If key Republicans endorsed Hillary as they are currently threatening to, that’d make her a de facto Republican, thus making Trump a de facto Independent. I couldn’t vote for Hillary if that scenario played out, though I seriously hope it is a choice I don’t have to make.


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