The GOP’s Four Corner Offense


It was a big night for Donald Trump, but not the biggest night he could have possibly had. Somehow, I feel (without looking at some earlier blog entries, and this being my 980th one) that I’ve said this before recently.

The one bump in last night’s Super Tuesday III road was John Kasich winning in Ohio, which was an absolute must win for him. With Marco Rubio now out of the race, Kasich and Cruz can team up and kept Trump from getting to the 1,237 delegates that gives him the nomination, though there is the school of thought that a three-man race may benefit Trump the most.

Cruz and Trump can now run the political equivalent of a Four Corners basketball offense on Trump to keep him from winning. Back in the era before the shot clock came to college basketball, coach Dean Smith would instruct his North Carolina Tar Heels teams to run this offense if they held a lead late based on passing the ball among four of his five players, stretched out in corners of the front-court, causing the defense to expend lots of energy to either foul or force a turnover.

On the Democratic side, there was no Michigan Miracle for Bernie Sanders this week, as Hillary Clinton won all the key races and padded her delegate lead. That, and her overwhelming lead in the superdelegate count gives her an air of inevitability.

One race seems decided, the other seems anything but. Stay tuned.


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