Immunity From March Madness


The Duke Blue Devils celebrate their 2010 NCAA basketball championship, along with their iconic coach Mike Krzyzewski in the middle in the suit and tie.

It didn’t happen purposefully, but I just can’t get into watching college basketball anymore. Not even the start of the NCAA tournament known as March Madness (which actually started two nights ago with a series of play-in games Tuesday night and last night known as the First Four) can get me enthused about watching college hoops.

I’ve been watching college basketball a long time. I can still remember the 1978 NCAA title game with Kentucky (led by Jack Givens) beating Duke 94-88 to win in St. Louis. That was the year before Michigan State (led by Magic Johnson) beat Indiana State (led by Larry Bird) in the ’79 title game that made college basketball a known commodity among us sporting coach potatoes.

My sports calendar, if you will, mainly revolves around the Lightning (apparently heading to the Stanley Cup playoffs), the Rays, and the Buccaneers. Between these three seasons and how they overlap each other, and the rise of the Internet and how sports are marketed on same, I find sports a revolving door of these three leagues, with a little auto racing thrown in on the side, plus the Olympics every even numbered year.

Either the football season is too long (which it is, since they now play the Super Bowl in February), or the college basketball season is too short. Heck, that would mess with March Madness and the trademarks the NCAA no doubt has on that moniker. April Anxiety just doesn’t roll off the tongue as good.


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