When Harry Said Hello


The latest shot I have of Harry, March 19, 2016. Again, it’s a little blurry, sorry about that.

A few days ago, my cat Harry jumped on my bed after saying what I thought was “Hello!” to me. This left me a bit befuddled. Did he actually say what I thought he said, or did I hear what I wanted to hear?

I’m of the opinion that cats know a few of our human words, though sometimes they can act like they don’t, or maybe it’s not acting or some kind of intuition. When I see Harry in a seemingly grumpy mood, I will say to him, “Treats!” As in, would you like some Temptations snacks?

Sometimes I say the word slowly (ttttrrrrreeeeeats) to let him understand me, but there are other times where I say it at a regular clip, and he’ll perk right up towards me, as if to say “OK, let’s go!”

Just find it funny sometimes, how cats understand our language, and/or act like they do. I’m sure many of you have animals with the same characteristics.


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