It was another day when I spent most of the morning yesterday watching CNN and MSNBC, trying to find every morsel of news about another terrorist attack hitting another part of the world that had not been hit previously. This time it was Brussels in Belgium getting hit, with attacks on their main airport and their subway system that left several dead, the numbers ever changing, the reactions of world leaders endlessly pontificating why it happened, and how it happened.

It reminded me (and I’m probably not alone in this) of a similar Tuesday morning on a late summer day nearly 15 years ago when 9/11 happened, another day I woke up and saw the world change right before all of us.

While all of this is scary to watch, I don’t think we should be afraid of what terrorists do. As I’ve said many times before, they can’t kill all of us with any one weapon, though they may try. Whoever survives these attacks (or the next ones, wherever on whenever they occur) will bring these people to justice, and won’t rest until they do.

That being said, I’m sure these attacks will be used as a reason for freedoms in Belgium and other parts of Europe to be traded away for better security. I tend to think Ben Franklin was right a few centuries ago in that you can’t trade liberty for security, and the argument is full of flawed arguments. Then again, he did not live in our time, with enemies who only reveal themselves as they attack.

It’s also a growing concern for my family. My mother is visiting Europe in the summertime (one nation specifically that I don’t want to publicly mention), though it is a nation that I don’t think is on a terrorist hit list by Muslim extremism. Then again, I thought Belgium was one of those safe nations when I woke up yesterday, something that can no longer be said.

God bless the people of Brussels and the nation of Belgium during this trying time for their people.


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