Fox News And Family Values


A few more primaries came and went Tuesday night, and the Republican field continues to be muddled with a clear leader but no clear nominee, with a decent possibility of a stalemate continuing to loom when the GOP convention meets in Cleveland this summer. Speculation continues to run rampant that Donald Trump may have the most delegates, but yet may not be the Republican nominee when all is said and done.

As many of you know, Mr. Trump has also been embroiled in a controversy with Fox News, most notably with show host Megyn Kelly. To be honest, I don’t understand the allure of the right-leaning cable news outlet who frequently claims to be fair and balanced, but yet has hosts like Bill O’Reilly who enhance their reputations on the backs of today’s newsmakers, despite their own flawed characters.

My personal theory about those who claim fairness and balance is that what they wind up doing fails to measure to the reputations they aspire to. Just like how many on the right love to spout family values when a few of their own families fail to have any such ideals. My advice: the best way to teach lessons about such values is to do so by living your lives in quiet dignity, setting your own unspoken example. If you have to talk about values and ethics, you probably don’t have either.

As for Trump, he will either be the new President in a little less than ten months or he will not, with the GOP perhaps engaging in their own “rescue mission” much to the dismay of many. He doesn’t impress me any more than the other candidates do, and I don’t think my life will change significantly no matter who we elect. They are just different heads and bodies within the same “suit” of American leadership where parties simply don’t matter as much as the media would have you to believe.


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