Ted The Ladies Man


Pardon me for laughing (and overlooking the consequences this will have on his family), but I’m finding the whole Ted Cruz sex scandal somewhat hilarious. Why? Because it was Ted’s staff who started all of this needling with Donald Trump to begin with, so Trump fought back and is now (in Cruz’s view) a coward for doing so.

Not only did Trump’s camp seem to have knowledge of Cruz’s womanizing, but so did Marco Rubio’s camp, as did Carly Fiorina and her allies, as did the activist group Anonymous. But no, let’s just blame Trump’s people, for reasons known only in Ted’s foul little mind.

Do I feel bad for Cruz’s family? Yes. For him? Heck, no! The political arena is not for the timid. If there is dirt to be found, someone will find it, unless you have money to burn for bribes. Ask Gary Hart. Ask John Edwards.

The only thing left to discover is how this effects the GOP race going forward, with the Wisconsin primary coming up a week from tomorrow night being the first piece of that puzzle. Can Trump get to the 1,237 delegate majority he needs to get the nomination, or will chaos erupt in Cleveland in July?

Personally, I wouldn’t mind some non-violent chaos. Wait, isn’t that an oxymoron?



  1. The GOP has been very liberal with the fireworks, scandal and WWE style theatrics. I am waiting for Trump and Cruz to enter a cage match. Both candidates are vile if you ask me.


  2. Agreed on the vileness, I just can’t figure out why Cruz is blaming Trump as if he and he alone did all of this. Probably because he’s in the race still and everyone else isn’t.


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