Debating Over Debates


Back when there were 13 GOP candidates, back sometime in 2015…

I was reading yesterday that Hillary Clinton wants Bernie Sanders to “change his tone” if he wants a debate in New York before that state holds its Democratic primary on April 19th. Of course, this is likely a stall tactic by Clinton not to debate.

I’m going to make a bold prediction today: assuming it’s Hillary vs. Donald Trump in the fall, I would not be totally shocked if no debates were held in the fall for the first election year since 1972. There’s no rule or law that says the candidates have to hold debates, mind you, which explains why these debates are an “exclusive club” that frequently only allows the two major parties to debate, and not the smaller supplemental parties such as the Libertarians.

Why? Assuming things stay relatively the way they are now, Trump and Clinton would have a lot to lose if the debates degenerate into the gutter brawls the GOP debates have degenerated into at times. Plus, say publicity breaks bad against Hillary over the e-mail scandal she’s currently involved in. Why risk Trump catching her in a “gotcha” moment, and there are plenty of mines in that minefield if that scenario plays out.

On top of that, Donald Trump isn’t too eager to hold any more GOP debates now that the Republican field has shrunk to three, probably for the very same reasons. Last night, I saw on CNN that Ted Cruz issued a challenge to an impromptu debate (straight outta WWE) to Trump for a debate on tonight’s CNN town hall. However, I didn’t see anything as of the time this blog entry went up that Trump accepted such as a challenge.

Maybe Trump will surprise us all and accept? Who knows.


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