Blasts From My Past

I’ve been having an odd E-Mail problem lately, although it looks like I have solved it.

Long story short: I have two major E-Mail accounts through GMail. One of which I used prior to 2010, then I made another at some time during 2010 when my E-Mail had been hacked, and I had the “brilliant” idea of just creating another. I use brilliant in quotes because now, many years later, I doubt my wisdom.

To keep up with both accounts, I just have mail from the old account forwarded to the new account, and I use both E-mails interchangeably even to this day. If I sign up for something online, I can use either one.

A few days ago, I started getting old E-mails in my new account that date back to late 2011. How did I solve this problem? I went into my older GMail account and disabled the POP and IMAP settings, and did nothing else. This seemed to do the trick, as I am no longer getting these strange E-Mails from half a decade past.

So, I leave this blog entry on my site for my future reference, and perhaps yours if any of you out there have this kind of trouble.


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