Zwicker Revisited


Back on January 20th, I had mentioned that I started getting calls from Zwicker and Associates for some unknown reason.

Well, as Paul Harvey used to say, I now know the rest of the story.

See, occasionally when dealing with telemarketers, I like to change tactics sometimes and answer the phones. Yesterday was one of those days.

First, I got a call from Superior Heating out of Oldsmar. I’ve told this company on numerous occasions that I’m a renter and thus can’t make decisions as to which company to use, but that only seems to be an excuse for them to call back whenever they feel like it. As I was explaining this to the caller, I got hung up on, so I wrote an e-mail to the company asking to be placed on the Do Not Call list.

Good things happen when you answer the phone, sometimes. But then, it got better.

A few minutes later, I get the call from Zwicker, looking for someone with the last name of Bradford. This just in: my last name is NOT Bradford.

I laughed and said, “You’re not even close, buddy!” The caller apologized.

They spent over two months hounding me, and their information turned out to be almost a decade old as to who had the phone number I currently have.

Like I said, good things happen when you answer the phone.


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