A Candidate To Be Named Later


Catherine Scorsese in the 1995 movie “Casino” playing Artie Piscano’s mother, disgusted at hearing Artie repeatedly swearing. This was also the look on my face when I heard Donald Trump’s multiple stances on abortion.

Well, I think I’ve had enough of the GOP Presidential race for a while.

It wasn’t the whole Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski thing that did it for me, although that incident in itself is quite troubling. Can we just agree that as far as that goes, we’re trying to pass judgement as to what happened based on video of just a few frames a second, and without a better frame rate, a lot of that incident can be open to determination? That’s more of a “he said, she said, Trump said” thing for me.

What pushed me to my limit was when Chris Matthews interviewed Donald Trump on MSNBC a few days back. Matthews, a skilled reporter whom some love or hate, asked Trump about the abortion issue. Trump said that if abortion was ever re-banned in this country (as it was before the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision), women who attempted to have abortions would have to face punishments for doing so.

Then Trump, perhaps knowing he just stepped into some deep philosophical doo-doo, said that it’s doctors who should be punished. At that point, it was clear he was grasping at straws. Not the first time he’s been caught doing so, sorry to say. Let me be clear: I hold no ill will against Trump supporters. We should all seek ways and leaders to make our country a better place. I think Trump wants to be that guy, but when he doesn’t know the right answers, I think he panics and tries to wing it, and winging it as leader of the free world just might be a problem.

My stance on abortions is that I’m pro-choice. I don’t believe men have the right to legislate an issue of something that takes place with the female body, though it takes the sperm of a man to initiate the process. Saying, even briefly, that a woman should punished in a future world where abortions are banned shows that Trump is a political novice with no filter.

Perhaps we should keep him away from all the other buttons a President Trump can push, though I fear going back to the era where Presidents are selected and not elected sets a dangerous precedent. It was back in 2000 when a candidate who finished second in the popular vote became President due to the quirky Electoral College. In 2016, the Electoral College has not yet met the scrap heap.

I’m sure if enough voters disagree with picking a Republican candidate not currently running for President as their nominee, that format can change, and will change. As for now, such rules do exist.


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