A Facebook Bug, Or Is it?


The “bug” Facebook says I have, which I see no evidence THAT I have.

There’s this bug Facebook says I have on my computer that has done a good job at driving me crazy the past few days, and I’ve been noting it on this blog’s Facebook page.

I get it only when I visit Facebook on the laptop computer, no matter what Internet browser I use.

I get it when and only when I attempt to share other postings from the Internet on Facebook, and it also prevents me from updating my Facebook page with the most frequent posts I have for it. If I use a mobile device to share posts like my IPhone, that works fine.

Most of the week, I’ve been running scans on the computer, including the ones Facebook has suggested I try. Each one says I should have a clean bill of laptop health. But when I subsequently attempt to share posts, I get the same message of suspected malware.

But everything still runs fine on my end, and I’ve wanted to put more original content on my Facebook page anyways. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 4/7/16, 8:55am: This “bug” has apparently gone away, if I ever had it to begin with. I’m once again able to do Facebook posts off of Internet sites. Currently, I have to do my Facebook posts manually, but that’s a workable problem.


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