Aircheck: WFLA, 12/21/1988

I thought I’d take another look at “The Mad Dog” Bob Lassiter for today’s aircheck. This one particular episode is special to me, because I used to have this on tape personally, listening to WFLA that day on Christmas vacation as a senior at Largo High School.

Lassiter is talking about an old computer golf game called Mean 18, the evolution (or devolution) of Burger King, Wendy’s and other burger joints, plus some other topics. I don’t think he initiated any hard topics this day, and as the poster on YouTube indicates, he seems in a jovial mood just days before Christmas.

The mood would turn a bit more somber later in the day, as this was the afternoon of the Lockerbie bombing and crash in Scotland. A bomb was detonated on Pan Am Flight 103 placed by Libyan nationals, killing 243 passengers, 16 crew members, and 11 more on the ground.

Within a year, Lassiter left WFLA on his way to Chicago and the powerful WLS, only to return to the market a few years later.


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