Democracy Denied


You may have missed Ted Cruz winning all 34 of the Republican delegates in the state of Colorado over the weekend.

That’s because back in August of last year, the GOP leaders of the state decided to neither hold a primary or a caucus to determine who gets which number of delegates. Therefore, the state leaders met over the weekend and decided they’d all vote for the Texas Senator.

One Colorado Republican was so irate he burned his voter registration.

As the election year rolls along, I’m more and more worried about the voters being subverted by political leaders of various states. How many times have we seen in this year alone one candidate getting more votes, but another getting more delegates in these primaries and caucuses?

There should be an investigation about how all of this can possibly happen in a so-called free and fair democracy, but then again, who would do the investigations? The same people who benefit from this subversion of the will of the voters!

Some of you seeing my words like Donald Trump, some of you don’t. I get the arguments, pro and con. Can we at least agree that if democracy and due process can be stolen from Mr. Trump because the GOP doesn’t “like” him, that this “coup d’etat” can happen to anyone in our country running for President? That votes we as citizens cast do not count if officials in the major political parties just so happen not to “like” the results?

It’s not right, not fair, and something needs to be done. Never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever think I’d say that in my lifetime as an American citizen.


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