End Of The Era Of Mamba


The Kobe Bryant Era came to an end last night as the Los Angeles Lakers, who failed to get enough wins during the regular season to make the playoffs, played their last game of the season. He scored 60 in his swan song game as the Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz, 101-96.

Kobe would be on my all-time NBA team, but he’d be on the bench. My all-time starting five would be Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan as guards, Larry Bird and Dennis Rodman as forwards, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as my center.

Take that five against any other five, and I dare say I’d win a fair share of games.

As for the much ballyhooed allegations of sexual assault back in the early 2000’s, I have no idea. I wasn’t there. Either it happened and was covered up, or he is just what he said he was: innocent. Don’t have an opinion about it either way.

Enjoy your well earned retirement, Kobe.


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