It’s Just Genetics


Saturday morning, I was reading an article on Facebook about how a couple of male lions were exhibiting what was being called “homosexual behavior” recently in Africa, ignoring a female lioness.

The argument got me thinking, equating human behaviors to what animals do. Sometimes, human behavior can be a bit skewed based on the environment humans are in, and that’s fine. I also think that we have in us the genetics to “be” many things, and the “instruction manual” isn’t something we necessarily have to read, but is within us somehow. Given certain environments and social situations, I think the “DNA” is within all of us to either be heterosexual and/or gay, and the differences are not as complex as some make it out to be.

Look at how animals, for example, know how to procreate. They don’t have to read about it or learn it like humans do at or about the time we go into puberty.

In ancient times, men and women often competed without clothing, even boxed and wrestled that way. I’m pretty sure not all of those competing were considered homosexuals or lesbians, or totally knew or understood what that was.

Then there’s the “prison complex” in America, probably equally true in other countries, where the genders are usually isolated. Sooner or later, even normal heterosexual behavior breaks down in some people or to some degree.

Among animals, it’s probably the way it is among human beings. Simultaneously simple, yet complex. But, no matter the preferences, we’re all ever evolving beings.


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