The Fight For $15


In the past year or so, McDonald’s employees have made their intentions known that they would like an hourly wage that’s livable. And so, they started a movement with the eventual goal of making a wage of $15 an hour.

McDonald’s responded in kind to this movement with the usual amount of tone deafness of companies that would accompany the hiring of skilled workers at low wages. They have, in various places here and there in the world, experimented with automated cashiers.

Automated cashiering is nothing new to me. In 1996, I could go to my nearest Taco Bell in Marietta, Georgia and press a touch screen to get my order. In 2000, I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina when Kroger’s brought out automated cashiers. You scan the items you want, and you can pay either by cash or credit card.

Just like Walmart, the CEO of McDonald’s just got a hefty raise to ignore the wishes of his employees to the tune of 368%. (He made $7.91 million in 2015, as opposed to $1.69 million in 2014.) Anyone wonder how he sleeps at night? I imagine he’s paid so well because his bosses don’t want him rocking the boat.

Greed is only good if you’re on the greedy end. Otherwise, it sucks.




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