Getting Boned By Bone Biggs


The veterans/police benevolent/fire department/teachers scam is back darkening my door again, or at least noisifying my phone. You can tell who these people are, as I mentioned a little over three years ago: they all want to record you, and they all want you to make pledges to some group that you have no idea as to whether or not they are a fraud.

It’s never just one organization that calls you (though that I’m now convinced it’s not some ACLU front but some kind of GOP scam), it’s one organization passing your number to another, then another, and so on.

The latest organization that calls me: should I give out their number? Why yes, yes I should, since they know mine. They call  me from 202-688-1029 and have the caller ID of Bone Biggs. When I get strange calls like this, Google is many friend, as just typing this number into their search engine tells me they’re a bunch of chronic scammers.

I don’t avoid them, I like to mess with them as they mess with me. I say hello, which activates some computer triggers, and I get an automate voice saying hello back. Then, I say nothing, and wait for them to hang up, which they do.

Keep it coming, guys. I’ll be here one more time then you’re willing to call. Now, I don’t say that to be an a**hole or anything, because I’ve been on the other end, taking the abuse dealt out by the people in my current shoes. I just wish the people in charge of these places would cut all the cloak-and-dagger nonsense and not hide behind falsehoods.

In my “perfect world” if such a thing would exist, there would be a message at the beginning of any such call clearly stating who the business is and belongs to, and what they want. Makes you wonder why that world doesn’t exist, doesn’t it?


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  1. Pauly, have received these calls for the last few weeks out here in Southern California. Blocked their number. BTW: your blog post helped me find out what was going on. Thanks.


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