Deflategate Redux


I know. I’ve been doing a lot of blog entries revisiting some of the 1,000 or so I’ve already done. But that’s the way life is, I guess. Some things just keep crawling back into view, whether you want them to or not.

The most recent of recent examples is the fact that yesterday an appeals court reversed a previous appeal of the Deflategate fiasco of 2015. Therefore, if Tom Brady wants to continue playing in the NFL and choose not to retire (he’ll be 39 at the start of the 2016 season), he will have to serve a four game suspension and sit out the first four regular season games of the year.

That is, unless he or the NFL Players Association which to re-appeal, possibly to the US Supreme Court.

As I said last year, the whole thing is a circus. The NFL wants to keep up this “crime doesn’t pay” image when history shows other players in Brady’s era or thereabouts did the same thing without getting caught. If there was such concern about Brady getting footballs deflated changing the outcomes of games he’s playing in, why not suspend him from the next game, which was Super Bowl XLIX?

If you have laws and rules, and you say that there will be order, and therefore punishment for whoever breaks the rules and laws, enforce it every time. What applies to Tom Brady should also apply to Joe Shlabotnik.


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