Tailgaters, Wally World, And Beer Law

Thursday morning, I was off to Walmart after taking a shower very early in the day. I like to do shopping there as early as possible, because that’s when the foot/cart traffic there is at its least.

I’m a little less than two miles away from the store when I begin my trip around 6:10 am, but the good part is I don’t have to get on the big north-south road, US 19, to get there. I just have to take some slow surface streets. As soon as I get onto the street, a van gets behind me, as in RIGHT behind me. I don’t know if Van Driver has their high beams on, but high beams or no, the lights are very bright, distracting me as I glance at the rear view mirror.

Some of you who frequent this blog know that usually, I’m terribly underwhelmed by people hogging the space behind me when I do my driving. But this coupled with the fact that it’s dark out, I choose do the sensible thing. I pull over and let the bullying Van Driver pass me. If I’m distracted to the point where I hit someone walking on either side of the road, it won’t be Van Driver’s fault, but it certainly will be mine, manners of his or hers notwithstanding. With no one behind me, the rest of the way proceeds without incident.

I didn’t even shoot out a middle finger as the driver passed, because I’m good like that.

Once I do my Walmart shopping, it’s another mini-crisis. There are only three checkout aisles open, but they’re all 20 items or less aisles. I guess it hasn’t dawned on someone running the Pinellas Park store that someone might being getting more than 20 items, which also make the store more money? Do they not want my money, by the way? One of the employees comes up to me and says I can check out at any counter when all the aisles are less than 2o aisles, so I have that to remember next time.

One of the things I picked up was a can of beer. The mood to get beer strikes me about once a month, and I usually get a big can, like a can of Foster’s. I checked out around 6:50 (because with practically no one in the start, you get things done quickly), and the man ringing up the items tells me, referring to the beer, “I can’t sell you this.”

Puzzled, and thinking I had somehow entered some time warp where Prohibition was again legal in 2016, I began thinking about what the problem was. Looking it up after I went home, it seems that Florida (unless a local municipality orders otherwise) has a law that you can’t buy beer between 1:00am to 7:00am, which I wasn’t aware of. If I had waited 10 more minutes and checked out at 7:00, the law would not have applied.

Now, I wasn’t planning on drinking it in the morning, but with lunch. But I suppose the law is the law, and the nanny state is alive and well.


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