Trumping The GOP


As most of you know by now, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have each dropped out of the Republican series of primaries, leaving Donald Trump as the last candidate standing. Unless some bizarre challenge is mounted, Mr. Trump, against all odds, will be the GOP nominee in the 2016 Presidential race.

Hillary Clinton is his likely opposition, but that deal has yet to be fully sealed. Bernie Sanders once again stunned the punditry by winning Tuesday’s Indiana primaries, continue to pester Hil’s plans for world domination. If he can continue this streak he’s been on, who knows? Perhaps he can change the minds of the Democratic super delegates and make it to the fall himself. It’d be a refreshing change.

Assuming it’s Trump vs. Hillary in the fall, I think it will be one of the dirtiest and most bizarre races in Presidential election history. As Bill Murray famously said in one of the Ghostbusters movies, you may even see dogs and cats living together along with mass hysteria. New York state could actually go Republican come November, how’s that for a mind numbing thought?

I still see Trump beating Hillary in the fall, though it will be more of Hillary losing than the Donald winning. If she couldn’t beat Obama in 2008, how can she beat Trump in 2016? Trump is an unknown commodity, who has done a good job NOT explaining how he’s going to do things. I think he can keep his double talk going all the way to November, as much as it will pain the country in the years ahead.


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