Facebook And Censorship

I read on the Drudge Report yesterday about a former employee revealing that Facebook censors Conservative driven news stories, and more or less promotes Liberal causes, like the “Black Lives Matter” movement of recent months and years.

I’ve probably said this before, but I will again: if Facebook disappeared from my computer one day, I don’t think I’d miss it all that much. I have a very good, dear friend who I exclusively have talked to on FB for almost four years who just went over to Instagram, which has an excellent chance of being “the new Facebook” someday.

At least with Instagram, it has something of value to offer: photo art. Facebook wants to create an image that most of us are liberal, and that certain lives matter than others, when all lives should matter equally. I’m Independent, which makes me neither Liberal and/or Conservative.

Why do we all have to be painted in such broad political brushes in this country, when there are obviously a lot more shades of grey to everything? We should be celebrating our similarities, and not be driven by what celebrates us. Hopefully, Facebook will see this as its wake-up call.


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  1. I much prefer the blogging community to Facebook, although most of the friends I have known for years reside there digitally. At least with WordPress/Tumblr/Etc. you control your content and who responds because it’s your own domain.


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