Will Change At The Top Change Anything?


I watched Requiem For The American Dream on Netflix recently, which will likely be the last time American linguist Noam Chomsky is interviewed in any great depth.

It’s interesting how the far left and the far right often say the same things, sometimes coming to the same conclusions, sometimes not. Chomsky seemed to me to imply that who runs for President in every given election cycle doesn’t really matter, as long as corporations have greater rights than human beings, and that human beings are distracted from making great change happen.

Can’t help but notice over the past week that Donald Trump now has advisers who once worked at Goldman Sachs giving him advice, kind of like how Hillary Clinton has ties to the firm herself.

Perhaps politics and prizefights working for Don King do indeed have something in common: no matter who wins or how they win, we don’t win. The system that sees us as prey and rabble always wins.


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